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Designed To Prevent Failures

Unifin removable cover plate coolers (RCP) are frequently used in totally enclosed water air-cooled (TEWAC) motors and generators. In these installations, Unifin's unique leak detector configuration is a popular option designed to prevent failures to the motor or generator by sensing moisture before water can leak into the cooling air.

Features and Options

  • ASME Code or non Code Construction
  • Flexibility in Tube Materials (CS, Cu/Ni, SS. ) Per application
  • Flexibility in Tube Sheet materials (CS, Cu/Ni, SS. )
  • Flexibility in header (waterbox) materials
  • Removable, bolt on cover plate (waterside cleaning) ease of maintenance
  • Roller expanded on Welded Tube Joints (US Brazed return Bends)
  • Various nozzle orientation (fit existing installation without modification
  • Designs to Address - Corrosion, Erosion, Fouling
  • Designs to address differing Water Side Tube Velocities
  • Flexibility in Designs, use less water or water temp variation
  • Proven Long Life
  • Designs to address waterside fouling
  • Full Double Tube Leak Detector Design

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