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Transformer Coolers

Forced air, forced oil cooler designs are pre-engineered to uniform standards... for superior performance in the most demanding applications.

Introducing the new force in transformer cooler design

With its flexible new ForZair™ line, Unifin offers an array of forced oil, forced air transformer coolers unrivalled in their efficiency and durability.

With both 50 and 60 Hz cycle models and designed to fit most space requirements, ForZair™ coolers are pre-engineered with modular construction and fittings to suit your specific applications. This easy-to-use catalogue allows you to go directly to the cooler that suits your budget and performance requirements best - and to order in just minutes.

Increased demand for power around the world has led to an increased need for the kind of innovation you'll discover within these pages. Easy selection. Simple pricing. Fast delivery. ForZair™ from Unifin... putting transformer coolers to work like never before.

Unifin supplies the power industry with transformer oil coolers for both new transformers and existing installations that require additional heat removal after being re-rated for higher capacities. Coolers are available in forced oil-to-forced air, natural convection oil-to-water and forced oil-to-water models - in a wide range of standard sizes, with custom manufacturing also available.


Forced Oil Forced Air Transformer Cooler

  • Rugged modular design offers ease of manufacture for rapid delivery
  • Single or multi-pass header designs to maximize cooler efficiencies depending on your application
  • Floating header protects cooler from thermal expansion
  • Standard hinged fan panels offer easy access for cleaning
  • Standard fans and motors selected for maximum efficiency
  • Multiple flange and port orientations to meet the needs of your transformer
  • Unifin's unique extruded aluminum fin-tubes protect from galvanic rust while allowing easy cleaning. Other optional surfaces available
  • Where added turbulence is required, integral finned tubing can contain an internal spiral fin which increases turbulent flow in the cooler
  • External mounted fan motors for ease of testing and maintenance

Standard Features

Rugged Modular Design

First of many features is the coolers' modular design which means we can manufacture and ship them quickly.


Unifin uses an advanced flushing system which can achieve the highest ISO standards for cleanliness in the transformer industry.

Floating Head

A floating header elevates the differential expansion between the heat transfer surface and the casing of the cooler, protecting its integrity.

Fans & Motors

Fans and motors for Unifin Transformer Coolers are selected based on exacting specifications and optimal efficiency developed from years of firsthand industry experience.

Paint Finishes

While able to apply many different paints, two lend themselves to transformer cooling applications - a two-part epoxy coat system that meets all normal applications and performs in chemical aggressive environments as well, and a durable 3-part system used primarily in marine environments.

Optional Features

Hinged Fan Panels

Maintenance is crucial to optimizing the life of a transformer cooler so optional hinged fan panels make it easy to open the cooler and pressure-wash the fin surface.

Updraft Louvres

Unifin offers an option for an updraft louvre design chosen where there is a high probability of air recirculation caused either by the proximity of obstructions to normal air flow or that the site environment is condusive to this occurence. It assists the upward and outward movement of the air, thereby avoiding recirculation and maximizing the performance of both the cooler and transformer.

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