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Running Hot? Leaks? Thinking of Upgrading/Uprating Your Generator? Unifin is Ready to Help With Wide Ranging Service Choices

The average cooler today is over 30 years old. Whether your coolers need cleaning, repair, parts, reconditioning, retubing or replacement – or if you’re not even sure – Unifin has just the right solution for you.

Clean / Test / Inspect (CTI) Diagnostic Service

Corrosion and the hindrance of heat transfer caused by fouling in heat exchangers are the main reasons for an increase in energy, operating and maintenance costs of a generator. That’s why coolers must be inspected, cleaned and tested on a regular basis. Our standard CTI Service includes a hydrostatic test of the coolers in the received condition (to identify any leaks), a general steam cleaning, replacement gaskets when applicable, and a written initial and final test report.

Regardless of initial test results, the water/headers are removed for evaluation. At that point Unifin issues a set of recommendations and work scope.


Repairs / Reconditioning

Unifin can help extend the life of your coolers by repairing key elements such as water boxes and/or tubesheets when needed. After blasting we apply a polymer filler and epoxy coating.

Lead Carbonate Decontamination service is also available.


When plugging or re-rolling leaky tubes won’t suffice, Unifin can replace the existing tubes allowing continued use of the original frames, water boxes and tubesheets depending on the overall cooler condition.

Our unique process allows the original fins (in the case of Plate Fin designs) to be re-used, thereby minimizing costs.

Upgrade / Uprates

Vintage Spiral Fin cooler designs often contain lead-based solder, which could lead to lead carbonate contamination throughout the entire generator system, while Plate Fin designs do not. Unifin offers Spiral Fin to Plate Fin redesign replacement solutions to eliminate this potential issue while resetting your cooler life cycle. Our other upgrades also include material substitutions for improved performance.

If a generator uprate (i.e. rewind) is contemplated, Unifin offers cooler studies to determine appropriate course of action to support proposed system uprate scenarios.


When cooler conditions are more serious, with plugged / corroded tubes, degraded tubesheets and/or waterboxes, the recommended corrective action is cooler replacement. Unifin can provide brand new in-kind replacements designed to be physically interchangeable in form, fit and thermal function with the originals. And because we often have the original design drawings for existing coolers, we can do this sight unseen – saving you the time and expense of sending us the originals ahead of time for estimating purposes.

The average age of hydrogen coolers at time of replacement is 27 years, with 35 years for air type coolers.

ASME Code Certified Welders

Whether manufacturing new or replacement coolers, repairs and reconditioning, Unifin uses only ASME Code Certified welders. This includes both ferrous and non-ferrous materials as applies to:

  • MIG Welding
  • TIG Welding
  • Stick Welding
  • Brazing


All coolers manufactured or repaired by Unifin are subject to pressure (hydro) testing:

  • 1 Hour Duration
  • Test Pressure at (1.33 – 1.50) X Design Pressure
  • “Pass” = No Leaks / No Distortions
  • Pneumatic Air (vs Water) Test for Oil Coolers

Eddy Current testing is also available for tube erosion assessment.

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